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Бюро переводов, легализация документов, нотариат, апостиль в Москве
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Подскажите, пожалуйста, могу ли я у Вас оформить документы для действия за границей? Мне нужно: сделать заявление о семейном положении, перевести его и поставить апостиль; свидетельство о рождении - перевести и поставить апостиль... Так же страницы из Российского паспорта о месте жительства перевести и поставить апостиль... (Кстати, хотела спросить, считается ли переведенная и заверенная страница из паспорта о месте жительства полноценным документом или необходимо все-таки получить справку из ЖЭКа и её уже в свою очередь перевести и т.д.).


У нас Вы можете перевести и легализовать все, из перечисленных Вами документов. Кроме паспорта. Исходя из сложившейся практики, апостиль в настоящее время проставляется только на копию загранпаспорта, с переводом или без.


Our legal translation company, STELLA.RU, was established on 3 August 1992 in Moscow. From the very start we specialised in the following fields:

  • translation of documents;
  • notarised translation;
  • apostille services;
  • legalisation services; and
  • consultancy on matters relating to translation and legalization of documents.

STELLA.RU is employed by legal departments of major companies, banks, Russian and international law firms, government agencies. Some of our clients have been working with us for over 10 years. We are proud of these long-standing relationships, especially as most of our clients are lawyers who have a thorough understanding of foreign legal terminology and the nuances of translation.

We handle up to 50 documents every day, including:

  • contracts;
  • foundation documents;
  • powers of attorney, bank letters and tax certificates;
  • judgments and arbitration awards, interrogation records;
  • annual reports, audit opinions and prime records;
  • legal opinions;
  • articles and books on law, financial accounting and marketing; and
  • personal papers such as passports, diplomas, certificates and tax returns.

To translate these kinds of documents, a good knowledge of foreign languages and translation techniques is not enough. It is important to keep in mind the differences between legal systems, and to use specific terminology and typical expressions from different branches of law.

We have 20 specialists working with the company, including 8 in-house translators. All translators, proofreaders and editors are professional linguists experienced in legal translation. Some of them are also qualified as lawyers or economists. Working with a team of specialised in-house translators allows us to provide clients with fast and accurate translation, to maintain confidentiality, and to notarize the translator’s signature in a relatively short time.

In addition, we have an extensive database of specialists, but, as far as European languages are concerned, we prefer to work with qualified, reliable, skilful translators and proofreaders who previously worked in our company.

We also provide proofreading services, and certify translations made by our clients. In addition, there is a discount of 50% if a new document is similar to one that we have already translated for you, as we use the same proofreading rate for the new document.

Our helpful and experienced managers are always available to give advice on matters of apostille, legalisation and notarized translation.

We often deal with original documents and are adept at ensuring their safety. Originals are always kept in the office and delivered by our in-house messengers. Welcome to one of our two offices located in the heart of Moscow. We look forward to doing business with you.

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